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Gender: Female | Birth Year: Estimated 2017 | Conservation Status: Vulnerable

My Story

Moya was found in 2019 near a farm in Botswana. Farmers tend to put out snares for predators who hunt their livestock and because cheetahs have a poor sense of smell, they must hunt a fresh meal every time which takes a toll on the farmer's income. 


Moya was found trapped in a snare and rescued by people who brought her to us. We devoted ourselves to helping Moya in regaining functionality in her lower left leg where the snare tore her tendons and ligaments. The wound healed but her tendons remained severed causing the paw to buckle under her weight. That didn’t stop Moya from walking and even sprinting. Most of Moya's pain faded; she is now a strong cheetah with a healthy appetite. We still wanted to do more for her and started consulting specialists about her situation. 


Moya’s story is far from over. We have been fortunate enough to spark the interest of sponsors in various specialties to assist in this process to help find a better way to stabilize her leg after she received surgery, and we are excited about the possibility to hopefully give her a better quality of life. Moya taught us that we could achieve more as a community when we work together. 

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