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Brown Lion

Gender: Male and female | Birth Year: 2016 - 2021 | Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Our Story

The story of our predator park began with a mission to repopulate the declining lion population, not just in South Africa, but around the world. We started with three lions, who were carefully selected as part of a breeding program to maintain genetic diversity and prevent extinction and grew a long way since then. As we progressed with our breeding program after TYSON was brought in, we realised the importance of creating educational awareness about lions and their current situation in South Africa, particularly those in captivity. We took it upon ourselves to spread this message, and every year we reach more than 15 000 people in creating awareness among the masses. 


However, due to the lack of space to release free-roaming lions in South Africa, BLINKOOG and SUSSA, were sterilised after Elsa was born. But we did not give up on our dream of continuing with our repopulation program. We will partner with other groups to explore ways of making our dream a reality when the opportunity presents itself. 


One of our lionesses, Elsa, was naturally weaned by her mother, Blinkoog, and is a perfect candidate for release into the wild with a proper rehabilitation program. We are excited about the prospect of seeing her flourish in her natural habitat. 


Breeding programs for lions are mostly managed by conservation organisations to ensure that lions are bred in a controlled and sustainable manner. Lions are carefully selected for mating based on their genetic compatibility and health, with the aim of maintaining genetic diversity. The offspring of the breeding program are monitored to ensure their health and growth. Some offspring may be sent to other conservation organisations to maintain genetic diversity, while others may be released into the wild to help repopulate areas where lions are becoming endangered or extinct. 


In conclusion, our predator park is committed to preserving the majestic lion population and protecting them from the threat of extinction. Although the breeding program is on hold at the moment, we are excited to see what the future holds for these magnificent animals. 

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