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White Bengal Tiger

Gender: Male & female | Birth Year: 2020 | Conservation Status: Not applicable

Our Story

Jannie Kruger, a friend of the predator park, stumbled upon a concerning advertisement on Facebook: two white tiger cubs being sold as "tame" pets. Knowing that tigers cannot be released into South Africa and are considered exotic animals, he feared that the cubs would end up in someone's backyard. Unfortunately, in many countries, including South Africa, it's not illegal to keep exotic animals as pets, making it easy for anyone to buy and own them. 


Despite Facebook's strict policies against the sale of live animals, including big cats, some individuals still attempt to advertise them for sale online. Jannie knew that he needed to take action to prevent the illegal sale of these endangered animals.  


It's important to be aware of the dangers of the illegal pet trade and to take action to stop it. By reporting any suspicious posts or listings to Facebook and authorities, we can help prevent the sale of exotic animals and protect them from harm. 

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