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Siberian Tiger & Bengal Tiger

Gender: Male & Female | Birth Year: 2019 | Conservation Status: Endangered

Our Story

Jethro and Isabella were brought to be used as tiger cubs in a movie. Despite being treated humanely, the reality was that they could not be released into the wild in their country of origin after the film was finished. Upon learning of their situation, our sanctuary offered a home for them in our awareness program. 


Using tiger cubs for entertainment purposes is a controversial practice that often involves separating them from their mothers at a young age and subjecting them to inhumane conditions. This not only causes immense suffering for the cubs, but also contributes to the illegal wildlife trade and the exploitation of endangered species. 


Furthermore, using tiger cubs in movies or shows can give the impression that they are docile and safe to be around, which is not the case as they mature and become stronger and more dangerous. This can pose a serious threat to both humans and other animals. 


As a result, many animal welfare organisations and advocates are calling for an end to the use of tiger cubs in entertainment. Instead, it is important to support conservation efforts and protect tigers in their natural habitats, while also appreciating these majestic animals from a safe and respectful distance.

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