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Bat-eared Fox Family 

Gender: Male and female | Birth Year: 2019 | Conservation Status: Least concern

Our Story

Our bat-eared fox story begins in 2020 when a special donation was made to us by one of our dear friends of the predator park, Gerhard van der Merwe. He brought in a bat-eared fox family consisting of two adult male and female pairs. These adorable creatures were previously kept as pets but had outgrown their urban dwelling, making it essential for them to relocate to a more natural habitat. 


We were ecstatic to welcome the fox family to our park, and they quickly became one of our most popular attractions. It's not every day that you get to witness the playful antics of these wild animals up close. Skippie 1 and 2 received their names from Gerhard's nickname, a tribute to the special act of kindness he showed to them. 


Keeping foxes as pets is no easy feat, especially since it's not legal in South Africa without the necessary permits. As playful as they may be, foxes remain wild animals, and they have a tendency to chew on everything and even try to escape. You also have to be cautious when introducing them to new people and animals as they can get defensive and aggressive. 


The fox family, however, was well taken care of by their previous owner, who spoiled them with muesli, fruits, and yoghurt. We had to make some adjustments to their diet when they arrived with us, but one pair still prefers not to eat live insects, while the other pair enjoys the thrill of hunting for their food. 


Over time, our bat-eared fox family has expanded to more than eight members, and they never fail to put a smile on people's faces with their natural cuteness. From their adorable big ears to their playful personalities, they've become an integral part of our predator park family. 


We're honoured to provide a safe and natural environment for these animals to thrive, and we hope to inspire others to appreciate and protect our wildlife. Come visit us and experience the joy of stopping by our lovable bat-eared fox family!

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