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Gender: Female | Birth Year: 2020 | Conservation Status: Least concern

My Story

Moholi was once kept as a pet until her owner could no longer care for her. However, caracals are wild animals and are not suitable to be kept as pets. Despite this, many people attempt to keep them as pets, leading to these animals usually ending up at a sanctuary. In fact, many countries have laws that prohibit keeping caracals as pets without the necessary permits, as they are classified as exotic or wild animals. 


Caracals are naturally solitary and territorial animals that require ample space to roam, hunt, and exercise. They have specific dietary needs and require a varied and specialised diet to remain healthy. Additionally, they have specific social and behavioural requirements that are difficult to fulfil in a domestic setting. 


Furthermore, keeping a caracal as a pet can be dangerous for both the owner and the animal. Caracals are powerful predators with sharp teeth and claws that can cause serious injury or death. They also have a strong prey drive and may exhibit aggressive behaviour towards other animals or humans. 


It is crucial to avoid keeping caracals as pets. These animals must be respected as wild animals and appreciated from a safe and respectful distance in their natural habitats. 

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