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Spotted Hyena

Gender: Male & female | Birth Year: 2021 | Conservation Status: Least concern

Our Story

Cheeky, a spirited and mischievous female, was born at another predator park in the Free State. She was brought to this park when she was a year old to join our education awareness program. Cheeky’s unique name comes from her vivacious personality and an insatiable curiosity, always seeking new adventures and challenges.


On the other hand, Brollox, a male hyena, was the first offspring of Bonnie and Clyde, two hyenas who were known at the predator park for over five years and relocated to a wildlife park in 2023. Brollox's early days were fraught with danger, for when he was born, his tiny life hung in the balance. The owner of the park had to intervene, fearing that he would not survive on his own. Weak and abandoned by his parents, Brollox was hand-raised with tender care.  As time went by, Brollox grew stronger and developed a deep bond with the humans who had nurtured him, seeing them as extended members of his clan.

In the predator park, Brollox and Cheeky became unlikely companions. They shared a special connection, forged by their shared experiences and unique circumstances. Brollox's strength and resilience complemented Cheeky's playful and adventurous nature. Although both Brollox and Cheeky cannot be released into the wild due to their dependence on humans, they have a very important part in our predator park helping to raise awareness and educate visitors about the vital role that hyenas play in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

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