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Gender: Male | Birth Year: Estimated 2016 | Conservation Status: Vulnerable

My Story

Max and Duma come from a Black Impala breeding farm. As we mentioned in Moya’s story about cheetahs and livestock hunting, Max and Duma were no exception.

In 2019, the two brothers decided to hunt a black Impala ram. At that time, rare colour mutations of Impala species were worth a small fortune to game farmers and breeders. They were supposed to be hunted by the farmer for costing him a large sum of money. We were fortunate to hear about the situation and decided to make room for them at the park rather than have them face the consequences of eating a delicious black Impala.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for all of the predators and we believe that humans should find a more sustainable solution to protecting livestock as well as protecting wildlife that inhabits the area.

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