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Gender: Female | Birth Year: 2018 | Conservation Status: Least Concern

My Story

This agile built, long legged cat was saved as a kitten from a Sangoma’s (traditional healer) hut just in time as her mother was already being cooked for “muti”. She was found in a bag.

Servals have significance in the traditional medicine trade and their skins are used for traditional regalia. The definition for traditional healing varies but animals are sometimes incorporated into these healing practices. The knowledge is passed down through generations to diagnose, prevent and treat illnesses or maintain well-being and this is the fate of many animals. It has been recorded that there is no medicinal value in these animal derivatives but traditional medicine continues to play a big role in some African cultures.


It is not to say that animals cannot be utilized sustainably, as humans do so every day, but the manner

in which an animal is hunted should be sustainable, legal, and ethical.

In this instance this was not the case.

Gaby arrived at the park as a small but lively kitten. She was raised by hand and apart from an intestinal infection she had as a kitten, she grew up to be a beautiful cat with a feisty attitude.

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