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Siberian Tiger

Gender: Female | Birth Year: 2019 | Conservation Status: Endangered

My Story

It all started with a phone call from a concerned friend of our predator park. He had stumbled upon an online advertisement for tigers being sold and decided to investigate further. What we found upon arrival at the property was truly shocking. A small camp with up to 20 tigers trapped in enclosures. Sadly, we were only able to rescue one of the tigers from the group, a smaller one named Ella. The owner was eager to get rid of her as he wouldn't make a good profit in the bone trade and hunting market due to her size. But for us, saving just one tiger was a victory in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade. 


Selling tigers online has become a lucrative business for wildlife traders seeking to profit from the demand for exotic animals. But this practice is not only illegal, it also involves cruelty to animals and poses a serious threat to the survival of tiger populations in the wild. At our predator park, we believe education is the key to stopping this harmful practice and protecting both tigers and people. 


We understand that many people keeping animals in enclosures like the ones we found may not fully understand the impact they have on the animal's quality of life. They may not realize the true nature of these majestic animals or care about their well-being beyond making a profit. But through education and awareness, we hope to change this mindset and encourage responsible care for animals in captivity. 


By rescuing Ella and raising awareness about the dangers of the illegal wildlife trade, we hope to make a positive impact in the fight to protect tigers and other endangered species from this cruel and unsustainable industry. 

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