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2010 - 2021 

My Story

Pula, a Caracal, was originally kept as a pet in a private home, but as he grew larger and more destructive, he became too dangerous to be around children, furniture, and other pets. Pula was then brought to the predator park for sanctuary, as he could not be released back into the wild. Unfortunately, in an attempt to keep him, Pula's owner decided to declaw him, which ultimately led to negative impacts on his physical and mental wellbeing. 


Declawing any wild cat, including caracals, is a cruel and inhumane practice that causes pain and discomfort to the animal. Caracals rely on their claws for hunting, climbing, and self-defence, and removing them can lead to significant long-term health problems and behavioural issues. 


It is also important to note that caracals are wild animals that should not be kept as pets. They require specific care and living environments to thrive, and declawing is not a solution for managing their behaviour. Instead, it is crucial to respect their natural instincts and behaviours. 


Despite the difficulties Pula faced, he found comfort and companionship in his fellow resident Moholi at the predator park. Pula passed away from old age, but he will always be remembered for his friendly and affectionate personality, as well as his habit of bringing gifts to the park's staff, such as dead mice or birds, which will be missed.

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