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Sterilisation is an important tool for managing animal populations in captivity, promoting animal health and well-being, and supporting conservation efforts. 

Animal species to be sterilized inside sanctuary: 


  • Lion 

  • Serval 

  • Wild dog 

  • Tiger 

  • Caracal 

  • Leopard 

Project Goals:
  • Overpopulation control - In captivity, animals are often bred for conservation or education purposes, but if not managed properly, this can lead to overpopulation. Sterilization helps control the animal population and ensures that there are enough resources and space to accommodate all animals in captivity. 

  • Preventing inbreeding - Inbreeding, which occurs when closely related animals mate, can lead to genetic abnormalities and health problems in the offspring. Sterilization can help prevent accidental breeding and the potential negative effects of inbreeding. 

  • Health benefits - Sterilization can provide health benefits for animals in captivity, such as reducing the risk of reproductive tract infections and certain types of cancer. 

  • Behavior management - Sterilization can also help manage certain types of behavioural issues in animals, such as aggression and territorial behaviour. 

Animal care clinic pic 1.jpg
Project Timeline: 

Sep 2022 - July 2024 

Resources needed:
  • Veterinarian 

  • Transport team 

  • Chemical immobilization equipment 


R2000.00 - R5000.00


A detailed budget and any allocations of contributions made to this project can be made available for anyone to see. Please contact us if you require more information.  

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